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Valve Actuators Repairs and Services



Advance Automation Sdn Bhd Site Services provides a comprehensive range of service products, each specifically tailored to meet customers’ requirements.

Emergency and Planned Service encompasses installation, commissioning, upgrading, installation of control systems, troubleshooting and repair of damaged or deteriorating assets. Actuator Overhauls are performed in Advance Automation Sdn Bhd  workshop  to bring long service units back to guaranteed ‘as new’ condition. Health Checks enable customers to prioritize maintenance and replacement planning whilst Preventative Maintenance enhances the integrity of actuators to maximize plant utilization.

 Advance Automation Sdn Bhd Site Services has a wealth of experience in Retrofitting new actuators to valves, penstocks and dampers installed on existing plant, as well as the factory assembly of new valves and actuators for plant upgrades and extensions. Capabilities for Extended Scope Projects include surveys, design, procurement, manufacturing and commissioning to cover the broad scope of activities surrounding actuation projects.


After a long service life customers may prefer their actuators to be completely overhauled rather than replacing them with new ones. In our workshops we completely strip and rebuild actuators, returning them to their original state.


 A large portion of the actuators are still in service. However, depending on the environment and application some actuators may be in need of refurbishment.

We are finding that the demand for refurbishing older products or even newer products that are in harsh environments, is increasing. This is not surprising as there are many thousands of the actuators reliably doing their job in the work place. To satisfy this demand, we offer a certified workshop overhaul capability to bring the actuators products back to full functionality and reliability.


Above : Before


Above : After


The Process

On receiving an actuator for overhaul we will strip it and produce a report of what work is required to fully refurbish it. This report will be sent to you along with a quote for carrying out the work within a week of its receipt.

Should you choose to have the unit refurbished we would look to complete the works and dispatch the unit back to you typically within a week. Quicker turnarounds can be achieved where required. However, occasionally complete refurbishment can take up to 4 weeks due to the need for special coatings to be renewed or special original parts obtained.

The refurbished actuator will have been:

  • Completely stripped, cleaned and inspected.
  • Oil seals, O-rings, bearings, exterior bolts, and oil will be replaced.
  • New standard paint applied or specialist coating as required. For the units that are powder painted, any blemishes in the original coating will be repaired to extend their protection.
  • Completely functionally bench tested.
  • Re-certified through a production test rig so that a full one year warranty can be given.
  • Explosion proof actuators - special attention is paid to the flame paths to ensure the continued integrity of the apparatus and compliance with its original certification.


As a result of fast growing demand for workshop services over the last 18 months, Advance Automation Sdn Bhd has invested in an existing and enlarged service workshop facility in Labuan.

Designed in anticipation of further business increases, the workshop is custom designed to efficiently facilitate the actuation overhaul, repair and upgrade activities performed, as well as the factory fitting of actuators to larger quantities of valves than was previously possible. Improved access to the light and airy workshop is directly linked to carnage covering the majority of the floor area. New enclosed storage has been installed, embodying computerized tracking of every actuator’s status and progress through the workshop.

Work is performed on four fixed and two mobile bench stations, providing increased flexibility by permitting outside technicians to support the permanent workshop technicians during workload peaks. Each work bench is equipped with a PC terminal to enable reports to be generated without delay or interruption. A new production test rig has also been installed for performance testing of all actuators on completion of work. The increased workshop  space also enables a new inside/outside technician to be employed for local service on a same day or next day basis, supported by a fully equipped service vehicle.

The overhaul, repair and upgrade activities performed by the workshop are an integral part of the life-of-plant asset management support offered by Advance Automation Sdn Bhd Site Services.

In general, all the  electric actuator models up to thirty years old can be supported and on completion of work every repaired or overhauled actuator is given a new one year warranty and test certificate confirming that its performance is once again identical to the day that it was first built.

The workshop offers the following services:

  • Minor repairs / replacements.
  • Full actuator overhauls - strip and replace. This service includes a 12 month warranty.
  • Actuator upgrades and modifications.
  • Factory fitting of actuators to new valves.
  • All actuators fully tested and certified.
  • Bus system testing, modification and replacement.
  • Full leak detection test facility.

Actuators needing repair should be transported to: Lot. 7563, Unit 18, Komplex Mastercon, Kuala Belait. KA1931 complete with the customer’s contact details.

For further information on the Advance Automation Sdn Bhd Workshop Services contact:

CJ Tiong – Technical Manager.

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition to workshop services available in Advance Automation Sdn Bhd Site Services offers the following services:

  • Emergency service.
  • Planned service.
  • Site health checks.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Retrofitting actuators to existing valves.
  • Replacing obsolete valve actuation systems.
  • Shutdown / Turnaround outages.
  • Extended scope projects.

Advance Automation Sdn Bhd Site Services aims to further develop Advance Automation Sdn Bhd ’s services in the areas of maintenance, management and upgrading of installed actuation assets to ensure that Advance Automation Sdn Bhd can fully support and satisfy the increasing demands from its’ customers on a global basis.

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